About Us

The medical facility lies in the gorgeous countryside of central Texas. Central Texas has every little thing from lakes and also trees to savanna and meadows. We can see the remains of an old volcano to the east and see one of the most extraordinary sunsets to the west. Lots of kinds of wild animals reside in this location. Whatever from deer and fox to roadrunners as well as armadillos call this part of Texas home.

Central Texas is also house to millions of bats. The biggest urban bat nest lives right here in the heart of Austin. About a million Mexican free-tailed bats (Tadarida brasiliensis) roost under the Congress Opportunity bridge. And also the biggest team of bats in Austin. An approximated 20 million free-tailed bats give birth to their babies there each summertime. So there are great deals of little bats that live near us, and the Austin Bat Healthcare facility approves over a hundred small individuals gave us every year.